G. R. & L. M. Hill Counselling
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  About Our Services  

The sessions
Counselling usually takes an hour, but always allow a little extra time in case it is needed. Sessions begin promptly. Counselling may include ‘homework sheets’ designed to increase the efficacy of the sessions. All clients are encouraged to bring to counselling any written notes or thoughts they may have. Our approach to counselling is down-to-earth and wholistic, based on their training, reading, experience, commonsense and intuition.
Why people need counselling?
  • We haven’t been taught how to have a good relationship.
  • We haven’t been taught what to expect as the years move on and we become responsible for our own lives, form relationships, build a home and try to earn a living.
  • We haven’t been taught to discover what we want in life, and how to create it.
  • In an ideal world we talk about these things every day. We speak about them with our parents, our partners, our friends and our children. But none of us live in an ideal world.
  • We don’t always support others enough, or receive enough of the support that we need.
  • There are often a lot of unexpected events, problems, even crises that come our way. Its sometimes good to have a little help dealing with these.
  Community Groups
Over the years we have conducted many workshops, short courses and weekends away. We value relationships and community, and occasionally still hold various activities, courses and workshops. We believe modern people tend to become isolated and insular and we are exploring the concept of small community groups. Please register your interest with us, and any ideas with us, via email. At this stage, a primary aim we have is to bring people together in friendship. The probable title of a group we will be establishing is:

Friendship Seminars: For those who have got it all together, and who can afford to reach out.

We also run, on a semi-regular basis, short courses. These include:

Meditation Techniques and Practice
Appreciation: Making the most of what we have
Serendipities: Workshops in Self-Discovery and the Discovery of Others

Please contact us to express your interest.